Heavy Duty Sandblast Hose | Abrasion-Resistant Tube | NR/BR | Textile Reinforcement | -40°F to 180°F | 0.75 ID x 1.5 OD | 150 PSI

Heavy Duty Sandblast Hose | Abrasion-Resistant Tube | NR/BR | Textile Reinforcement | -40°F to 180°F | 0.75 ID x 1.5 OD | 150 PSI

This heavy duty four ply sandblast hose is specifically designed for use sandblast applications where highly abrasive silica and other abrasives are conveyed at high velocity. The highly abrasion resistant and robust tube prevents kinking and premature internal wear.

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Black NR/BR Abrasive Resistant- Conductive




-40°F to 180°F

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Welcome to the multi-functional, four ply sandblast hose – a solution designed exclusively to cater to environments where highly abrasive silica and other materials are conveyed at high velocities. With a robust construction, highly abrasion-resistant tube that prevents kinking and premature wear, this sandblast hose defines durability and efficiency that makes it an essential component in any industrial or construction setting.

Crafted to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 180°F, this sandblast hose comes equipped with a black NR/BR abrasive resistant tube. The hose is designed to be streamlined and safe, boasting a conductive ability for added safety. Textile reinforcement is integrated into the hose, providing superior protection against abrasion, tearing, and crushing forces that are typical in harsh and demanding industrial environments.

With a 150 PSI pressure rating, a 0.75-inch ID, an OD of 1.5 inches, and a 03:01:00 burst ratio, this sandblast hose leaves no doubt about its reliability and longevity. Furthermore, its five-inch bend radius adds an extra layer of flexibility and versatility, making it a highly sought-after industrial tool.

Ideal for any mining, material handling, and construction sites, our sandblast hose is designed to meet and exceed expectations. Its exceptional quality, robustness, efficiency, and outstanding performance make it the ideal solution for all applications that require the conveyance of abrasive materials.

Don’t wait any longer to place your order for the 4009103-075 Sandblast hose. Experience the satisfaction of using top-quality industrial strength equipment and enjoy peace of mind that comes with reliability. Trust us, and you won’t be disappointed!

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