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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry - refinery factory - petrochemical plant at sunset

  • Exploration, drilling, stimulation or production, OE or repair
  • Hose for drilling operations, frac applications, transfer of cement/LPG/oil, gasoline dispensing and suction/discharge
  • Gasket and sealing technology engineered to your fluid specifications

Bulk Transportation

  • On road, off road, Rail or Barge products
  • Loading, unloading and all transfer applications
  • Petroleum, chemical and dry bulk solids
  • The sizes, pressure ratings, tube, cover, flexibility, long-lasting durability and service support your operations demand

Steel Mills

Steel cutting machine in a steel mill

  • Full Line Metal, Hydraulic, armored, non-conductive, heat resistant hoses as well as furnace door hoses
  • Full line of domestic and international fittings
  • Consulting services available
  • Ceramic hoses for Carbon Injection and heat resistant cloth and sleeve

Mechanical Contractors

Steel fabricator and steel erector employee work on erecting steel structure at a large scale factor. In the foreground is a steel bar weighing several tons. Over it is an employee with industrial welding mask on, gloves such as those sold at RW Connection from vendors like Tilghman gloves and safety hazmat suits.

  • Metal expansion joints carrying top-line safety ratings to exceed product specifications in pressure and movement to improve factory performance
  • Rubber expansion joints improve the mechanical integrity of your equipment
  • Top-line rubber, metal, non-asbestos and more custom-cut gaskets


Image showing construction

  • High and low pressure hydraulic hose systems to handle extreme conditions
  • Specialized hose and fittings for turbo and charge air coolers, heater circuits and coolant system connections at temperatures from -65 to 500 F
  • Abrasion resistant covers for maximum service life


Petrochemical Industries served photo of hose blasting on a background of a petro-chemical plant for oilfield drilling hose.

  • Products for petroleum life cycle upstream, midstream or downstream
  • Exploration, drilling, stimulation or production
  • Hose for transfer of cement/LPG/oil, gasoline dispensing and suction/discharge
  • Gasket and sealing technology engineered to your fluid specifications

Power Generation

  • OEM or repair/maintenance parts to minimize your factory downtime
  • High pressure resistant alloys for gas injection on turbines
  • Metallic hose assemblies for geo-thermal stations with secondary containment protection for steam (if required)

Food & Beverage Industry

Rows of cartons of eggs in the food and beverage industry on a conveyor belt track in factory as provided by RW Connection.

  • Hose for your mobile farming equipment: PVC, Farm Fuel Transfer, Agriculture Spray Hose, and Microban technology
  • Conveyor Belt both light and heavyweight with applications in food packaging & processing industries
  • Complete hose testing, re-certification and management services


Mobile agriculture equipment run by fluid power products from within the family of Singer Equities while harvesting a wheat grain field.

  • Water Suction & Transfer hose assemblies fabricated to your specifications
  • OEM hose kits for any customer need
  • Low and high pressure spray hose assemblies of hydraulic hose

Marine/Dock Handling

  • Rugged marine hose and related products such as tubing, ducting, conduit and flexible wet exhaust connectors
  • We design, specify, source, private label, and certify

Industries Served.

Spartan Industrial & Marine is committed to delivering safe, quality hose & belt assemblies. Our programs are industry standard to provide customers with consistent, safe products.

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Test, tag and track your assets with our exclusive program from Singer. OnGuard Asset Management Services consolidate your assets into one database that can be accessed 24/7 for test certs and documentation to track from cradle to grave. Learn more at


Ensure hose safety. Preventative maintenance programs help you avoid costly equipment downtime, maintenance costs and reassure you that your hoses are working efficiently and safely — all within compliance of OSHA/EPA standards.


Say Goodbye To:

  • Excessive Paperwork
  • Guesswork in Inspection Standards
  • Lengthy Inspection Times
  • Costly Downtime

When you use OnGuard ID tags from Singer Equities family of companies, individual records are created that link to the online database that houses all certifications and hose safety standards built right in. ID tags are attached with a band that is digitally engraved with all relevant, unique information.


OnGuard Hose Management Services include cloud based hose tracking 24/7 which we manage for you.  OnGuard Hose Tracker stores all of your hose information including type of hose, date of manufacture, test certs, serial number, location in your facility, inspection and re-testing alerts.

Making Safety a Priority with Your Employees, and Ours