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Who We Are

Spartan Industrial & Marine offers industrial products to the south Louisiana oilfield service and marine markets. We are a different kind of company; we provide immediate responsive service to our customers. What’s missing from many of today’s companies is the necessity to provide its customers with excellent customer service, resolutions in problem solving and fulfillment of orders in a timely manner. Here at Spartan Industrial & Marine, we believe that providing this higher level of service to our customers will enable us to become their first and only choice for our products.

Spartan Industrial & Marine was formed by individuals with over 20 years in the distribution business serving the oilfield and marine markets of south Louisiana. Our goal is to provide a level of service currently unavailable today in the hydraulic, industrial and safety products market.

Spartan Industrial & Marine has locations in Houma, Belle Chasse, Golden Meadow and in Broussard, LA.

All employees have the experience necessary to promptly respond to your needs in the most efficient manner possible, while providing the highest quality products on a 24 hour basis.

Our core line of products is the industrial and hydraulic hose and their related accessories. Spartan Industrial & Marine also offers a wide range of other industrial and marine supply products which include packing, gaskets, valves and fittings.

Where We're From

Singer Equities is a group of value added distributors in the industrial rubber products industry.  We have 39 locations in the U.S. that service a diverse market portfolio including petrochemical, oil/gas, food & beverage, OE equipment, marine, MRO, construction and rental supply.

Our extensive product offering includes industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, metal hoses, composite hoses, conveyor belt, and rubber, metallic & non-asbestos gaskets as well as industrial supplies.  We also offer value added services including on-site hose and conveyor belt inspections, installations and repair, hose testing services, engineering/consulting services and training.

Spartan Industrial & Marine is a platform business unit of Singer Equities who focuses on:

  • Off-shore transport of Industrial hose
  • Oilfield rental and rotary hose
  • Chemical and Petro metal hose

The logo for OnGuard Hose Tracker and Belt Tracker / OnGuard Asset Tracker services is a viking on a yellow oval gradient background with the words OnGuard Hose Management Services, the Viking becoming an "O" for OnGuard, promoting hose safety, hose longevity, tracking hoses from cradle to grave, hydraulic hose, industrial hose, metal hose, etc.

We are proud to offer our exclusive OnGuard™ Hose Management Services and asset tracking program.  Coupled with our world class hose fabrication, we are able to deliver the most consistent, reliable and safe hose assemblies in the industry.

Learn more at www.hosesafety.com.

What We Do

Spartan Industrial & Marine’s employees have the experience necessary to promptly respond to your needs!

  • Hose Testing Capabilities to 50,000 P.S.I.
  • On-Site Hose Testing and Repair with Mobile Crimper
  • In-House Welding to 12″ I.D. for Metal Hoses & Expansion Joints
  • Product & Safety Seminars for Total Hose Management
  • Assembly of Control Cables
  • Consistent, Quality Hose Assembly Fabrication
  • Dedicated product managers can help address your application needs, conduct system surveys and make recommendations tailored to customer requirements. Let us assist you with on-site product support: from choosing the proper conveyor belt to hose routing and installation.
  • We create person to person relationships and programs tailored to address the needs of a customer to lower procurement costs, maximize productivity, create a safer work environment and/or manufacture a safer product.

Industries Served

Industries Served

Oil & Gas

Environmental Clean-Up

Marine Fabrication

Oilfield Rental

Storage Tank Facilities

Crane Manufacturing


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